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Kay Adekunle Rufai is a Photographer, Poet, Filmmaker, Mental Health Researcher, Playwright and Immersive artist whose work spans the past 5 years in a handful of countries including the UK, USA, Ethiopia, Bhutan, Germany, Scandinavia, Mexico, Nigeria and Colombia.

He has spent the past 3 years exploring public health approach to violence reduction, Mental Health, Masculinity and community cohesion through art, photography, educational workshops and public speaking. A great deal of his work has directly engaged diverse communities, minority groups, inmates, gang members, refugee and displaced groups of people as well as collaboratively creating bodies of work with them.

Kay Rufai has been featured in the Guardian, BBC, The Voice and various news outlets.

Kay Rufai has been a recipient of funding from various bodies such as the Wellcome Trust, Arts Council, British Council, California Arts Council and much more.

He is currently delivering an Art Council funded month long series of workshops and Exhibition at the Battersea arts centre featuring collaboratively created poems, images and creative writing with 30 young black boys from Lambeth, which explores themes such as Masculinity, Identity, Lack of father figures, Love, Loss, Friendship, Roles of Mothers & Youth Violence.

This project produced a critically acclaimed poetry album titled ‘Boy And A Bike (Miseducation Of Black Youth) available on all platforms.

He was selected by the House of parliament to be the commissioned artist in residence for the commemoration and celebration of the race relations act in Britain,

He was recently funded by the British Council to deliver a month-long residency using photography to explore community cohesion and cultural awareness.

In 2016 Kay Rufai delivered a month long critically acclaimed Photography and Poetry exhibition in London as well as a published book called T.R.I.B.E.

Kay Rufai is available for Keynote speeches, Training on Diversity and Inclusion across institutions and corporate, Workshops in schools & bespoke commissions.

As well as S.M.I.L.E-ing, I'm also an avid world traveller...

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